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startup for startups?

Over the years, a lot of statistical surveys has been made and the outcome shows that about 90% of startups fail in the first couple of years as a result of lack of technical strength and individuality uniqueness.

How do we stop this startup failure? How do we change the narrative?

We have been in the market for more than a decade with deep technical strength and great network thus motivating us to become a reason for someone's success.

Ever since then, our drive, and motto are to be technical pillars for early-stage companies showing them in the right direction and providing them the best platform to accelerate in this present market. We are guided and enforced by our mission to be that particular tool or agent to transform your dreams and ideas into reality and business.

We want to help people grow; we want to be a startup for other startups.

Experience a new direction; you can be the next big thing in today’s market. For product development and consultations, services consult RoyalGeeks lab for a service full of uniqueness and quality.



It all begins with a vision...

First, you share your idea with us, what inspired you, who is your target audience, what's your revenue model, etc. Once you approach us with your idea, we break it down into simpler bits. Based on the findings we analyze, brainstorm, research, and create a strategy for successful development.



This is where our expertise comes in . . .
We will put your vision on paper and prepare a detailed requirement document addressing each and every possible scenario of your product. You will witness the process of your idea taking shape via wireframes, requirement documents, and preferred Tech stack.



The final execution is the most crucial process. . .
We will get started with your team, Learn about deliverables and their respective timelines, we onboard you on our project management tool to discuss the details and progress of your project. Timely interaction with your team members as per your convenience and your masterpiece is deployed for the world to see the impact of your idea.




Royal Geeks are a software design and development company that provides end-to-end development service for web, mobile & business automation. We work on a wide range of technologies ranging from open source to proprietary and custom built solutions. We are a team of various sources of skill sets who strive for achieving a common goal to create innovative & simplistic technological solutions by working in world class development environment. 


We envision to overcome lack of technical advancement in enterprises and businesses. Make technology accessible and simple for everyone, everywhere and digitally empower enterprises to generate more business online and to make 500 customers’ technology independent & truly paperless in next 2 years.


Overcome lack of technical advancement in enterprises and businesses
Make technology accessible and simple for everyone, everywhere

Digitally empower enterprises to generate more business online





Web development

We are committed to ensuring a smooth building and maintenance of web applications. The technical procedures put in place guarantee operational efficiency and data security.

Our experience has to be a plus to achieving quality software for web development in the past. All tools and techniques used to ensure that we deliver a good application. We make use of ruby on rails to build our web application. Our other tools and techniques used in delivering a good application are python Django, python flask, ReactJs, NodeJs, and MEAN stack.

App development

Let engage you with a proposal to build the most affordable and quality mobile app for IOS and ANDROID devices.

Our mode of operation will ensure that the app is brought to the market in a short time. We make use of react-native to build IOS, ANDROID APPS and we also engage with progressive web apps and flutter. All our techniques and tools ensures that this app are built fast and easy for a maintenance check


We engage in preliminary research that keeps us in the loop and at the notch of any technological advancement.

Our dedicated team of engineers and scientist are active to discover any new update to keep our entire client updated. These unique services ensure that innovation and development of new products are not far from reach.

Our R&D services expertise focus more on AR & VR Apps, Wearable Apps, Blockchain.

dev ops

Experiencing an accelerated pace and a quick unique update. We ensure that you enjoy a benefit of speed up application development, easy control to the application server, flexibility, etc.

Our DevOps tools include Kubernetes, Ansible, Saltstack, and docker. This tool ensures improved communication, increased efficiency, low cost and IT headcount, and faster innovations.

 The Backend makes use of tools like Mysql, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Go, Python, Ruby.

The storage clouds include Google, AWS, DigitalOcean





Tel: +91-9766255889(WhatsApp)
Tel: +91-9886878881(WhatsApp)
 New Delhi, INDIA
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Email: info@royalgeekslab.com

Tel: +91-9766255889(WhatsApp)

Tel: + +91-9886878881(WhatsApp)

New Delhi, INDIA

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