Our Services

At royalgeeks lab, we offer a master class service when it comes to delivering on product development and technical consultation. We span through Web Development, Mobile App Development, Dev ops, and R&D services.
We are committed in ensuring a smooth building and maintenance of web application. The technical procedures put in place guarantees operation efficiency and data security. Our experience has being a plus to achieving quality software for web development in the past. All tools and techniques used ensure that we deliver a good application. We make use of ruby on rails to build our web application. Our other tools and techniques used in delivering a good application are python Django, python flask, ReactJs, Nodejs and MEAN stack.
Let engage you with a proposal to build the most affordable and quality mobile app for IOS and ANDROID devices. Our mode of operation will ensure that the app is brought to the market in short time. We make use of react native to build IOS, ANDROID APPS and we also engage with progressive web apps and flutter. All our techniques and tools ensures that this app are built fast and easy for a maintenance check

We engage in preliminary research that keeps us in the loop and at the notch of any technological advancement. Our dedicated team of engineers and scientist are active to discover any new update to keep our entire client updated. These unique services ensure that innovation and development of new products are not far from reach.
The R&D services are very important to keep your products in front line as this we keep you abreast of any latest development in the world of technology. While offering our client the latest development, we also engage our customers on different basis like the creating of POC, how to boost incomes and most importantly to be on the top of any technology innovations.
Our R&D services expertise focus more on AR & VR Apps, Wearable Apps, Blockchain.

Experiencing an accelerated pace and a quick unique update. We ensure that you enjoy a benefit of speed up application development, easy control to application server, flexibility etc. our DevOps tools include kubernetes, ansible, saltstack and docker. This tool ensures improved communication, increased efficiency, low cost and IT headcount and faster innovations.

Mobile first and responsive eCommerce applications are easier to build with Spree than with competing eCommerce platforms because Spree launched after smartphones became popular. Spree’s templating engine is designed to work well with Bootstrap and other responsive web design frameworks, allowing your customers to make purchases from any device. When you’re ready to develop native iOS and Android apps, your development team won’t have to spend time writing APIs for the mobile apps to consume because Spree has a complete API for almost every aspect of the system. By building your eCommerce application with Spree, you invest in a proven platform used by established companies like Bonobos, Nutrisystem and Casper.

We also deliver in building CUSTOMIZED BOTS, MARKET BOTS, BUSINESS BOTS, and FACEBOOK BOTS. WE will not only guide you for the best digital marketing strategy but will also automate it for you

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